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"I always thought this scar marked me. The mark of the banished prince, doomed to chase the Avatar forever. But lately, I've realized that I'm free to determine my own destiny. Even if I'll never be free of my mark."

In a Relationship with Katara

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Zuko Firebending in The Boiling Rock Part 1 and 2

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i would give anything to have avatar fanart (or a video) based off the song/music video for latch by disclosure feat. sam smith

honestly i could see it really well with a bunch of different couples, but i, personally, think it works best with mai and ty lee being the first two girls, zuko and katar being the elevator couple, and sokka and suki being the bed couple. mai would totally be the girl that’s kinda shy and awkwardly throws the popcorn or whatever at ty lee to get her attention because she’s kinda afraid of what she wants and stuff and ty lee would be the girl that is the outgoing one and pulls mai to dance and all that (im going off the video haha). and zuko would be the awkward guy in the elevator looking over at katara, the girl, then once they’re alone he makes his move and all that. and then sokka and suki being the bed couple makes so much sense, too.

i just can’t draw and im shit at making videos sooooo there goes my idea 

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                                     I AM STRONGER 
                                          THAN THIS!

                                     I say, to m y s e l f

                                                     as I try not to break

                                                                 a p a r

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Team Avatar + social media part 1

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"Katara lingered for a moment longer, staring at him. Every part of her form was cast in shades of blue with the sun’s light behind her. Despite the cobalts and sapphires of the shadows, the blue of her eyes still stood out as brighter than the rest. "You’re okay?" she whispered softly. He quirked an eyebrow, but didn’t move. If he’d been granted this view of his water bender, he wanted to drink it in."

Zutara Week 2014 : Cobalt Blue.

A companion piece to raedeanne​’s Zutara Week submission.

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- i vote dom!ko. 

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Trying to be productive and do some Zutara, but sadly I have to go to sleep.

Might finish it tomorrow if I’m lucky ~_~

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Well you cured my January blues
Yeah you made it all alright
I got a feeling I might have lit the very fuse
That you were trying not to light

Zutara Week 2014: Day Six- Socks

Based on lyrics of the Arctic Monkeys song “Knee Socks”

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unintentionally harming another person using bending

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