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Two people who start out by disliking each other but slowly begin to fall in love is my kind of OTP

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I learned to play from my dad, the diabolical genius. I’ll destroy you.

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praying for asami to have her own subplot next season

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Do you still see a future with Korra knowing she may not be the same again? She did go through a lot of crap and I have a feeling it's not nearly the end of it.


when people are depressed it’s like they have their own personal little rain cloud over their head and they’re the only ones who can see it. but if you really love them you’ll hold an umbrella over their head and wait for the storm to pass

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every time i listen to lana del rey i create these intricate maiko aus and situations in my head


water-arms bellatrix

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water-arms bellatrix
Thank you for that beautiful picture of zuko with his stunning hair, I'm so grateful.

you are most welcome!

i was making a graphic and i stumbled upon it and i’ve always loved his hair in that scene but that one screenshot just s p o k e to me and i needed to inform everyone else of this immediately

because zuko’s majestic hair is v v important



can we all just appreciate zuko’s hair in this scene?



I see no differnce

I wish it had been in an episode.

i totally agree with you, i would’ve loved to see it, but the way they told zuko’s past was brilliant and adding an episode where he retold what the audience already knew would’ve been, unfortunately, redundant and unneeded to the actual plot, which revolved around aang primarily (since he’s the main character, and a fantastic one at that!)

which is whyyyyy i’m going to write a drabble for it

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hiiii xx this is my avatar blog. all graphics and writing I post are mine. I used to roleplay zuko. he says hi.

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